Practical Acupuncture for Horses Updated

This publication is the product of 10 years of research and clinical work in the field of equine acupuncture by the author, Dr Steve Bobis BSc, BVMS DipVet Acu: a veterinarian who has been practicing equine acupuncture throughout Australia and internationally since 1992.

This compendium is based on original Chinese methods developed in consultation with professor Wang Qinglan, vice dean of Veterinary Medicine at Beijing Agricultural University, and with Sheila White, Professor of Veterinary Science at Murdoch University, Western Australia: both experts in the field of veterinary acupuncture. Information such as acupuncture point locations, point stimulations and their use for specific conditions has been verified empirically and used by the author.

This unique work adheres to genuine Chinese teaching but also provides scientific description and explanation using accepted medical nomenclature and guidance on the practical use of acupuncture.

To our knowledge, no other reference on equine acupuncture can match this publication’s quality in terms of content, depth of research, clinical experience, and practicality.

This work is available as interactive multimedia featuring user-friendly interface, detailed video instructions, precise anatomical graphics, searchable database and more.

We are proud to offer it to the public with our guarantee of satisfaction.