Practical Acupuncture for Horses


  • history
  • History & Basics of Equine Acupuncture

  • This module describes the history and development of human and equine acupuncture in China and throughout the world.

    It addresses common misconceptions about equine acupuncture prevailing in the West and elaborates on major differences between the human and equine practice. It explains how acupuncture works and explores the concept of acupuncture points and meridians. Principles of examination and diagnosis and methods of treatments are outlined clearly for students not versed in the complexities of traditional Chinese medicine.

  • point
  • Acupuncture Point Location

  • This module will show you in detail how to locate acupuncture points on any horse. Descriptions are supported by video demonstrations and anatomical graphics showing acupuncture points in relation to skin, muscle and skeleton.

    This interactive application allows you to click on an acupuncture point and bring up detailed information on screen.

  • point-location
  • Condition Treatment & Notes

  • Over 200 conditions can be treated with acupuncture. This module covers treatment protocol, frequency and other details for particular ailments, the associated acupuncture points, and provides demonstrations on how to choose those points.