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My license key does not work
It is important to enter the User Name and Key Code exactly as shown in your email.

Before contacting us, retry entering the codes.  The user name is case sensitive, make sure the uppercase / lowercase characters are entered EXACTLY as shown. All the characters of the key code must be entered; the dashes are important and must be entered.

If you still have trouble, then contact and include the User Name/Key Code combination that you are using, along with any relevant order detail information.

I made a purchase, but my license codes have not yet arrived
There are several reasons why you may not have received the email containing your license codes. Product delivery depends on the payment option you chose. An email containing the license codes is sent following receipt of payment. This typically happens immediately, but depending in certain circumstances it can take longer. Please allow 48 hours before contacting is regarding your order.

Check that the email address you used is correct. If you entered the incorrect email address, email us at the address below or make a change request to your order on the ShareIt purchase page.  Share-it will confirm receipt of payment by email.
Bank / Wire transfer payments - These can take several days for the payment to be confirmed.

Occasionally, the email goes to never-never land. That's just one of those things that happens with technology.  Contact us at We will be happy to re-issue your license codes via email. First ensure that it didn't fall victim to these common problems:

Your have a spam filter which blocked our email.

The email has gone to your junk folder.

You entered another email account when you placed the order.

If you need support
If your enquiry is not answered on this page, for Share-it orders see the Customer Care Centre ( for additional information. For other contact us at