Electro Acupuncture Procedure

In this procedure, an electric current is passed through the animal tissue between two or more acupuncture points. This is the most effective method or condition requiring strong specific stimulation such as: paresis, paralysis, increase gastro-intestinal contractility.

First, normal acupuncture needles are inserted into two selected points to get the “De qui” signs. These two points are then connected to one channel of an electro acupuncture instrument. The instrument may have either an external power supply or may be battery powered. The instrument allows the intensity of the electrical stimulation to be regulated to vary the frequency and amplitude of the signal.

After applying the current across the points, the instrument should be adjusted, gradually increasing the amplitude from zero whilst observing the animal’s reaction. This will vary between animals but will reach a point where the animal becomes agitated. At this point, the amplitude should be reduced until there are no longer signs of agitation and the animal is comfortable.

After a period of 4-5 minutes, the amplitude should be gradually reduced, but not all the way to zero, and held there for 1 – 1.5 minutes. The amplitude should then increased again to find the appropriate intensity (the maximum amplitude before the animal becomes agitated) and hold for a further 4-5 minutes.

This procedure can be repeated 4-6 times for each treatment, which can take a total of 15-20 minutes.

Note that the maximum amplitude each successive time the procedure is repeated will be slightly higher than the previous as the animal’s tolerance level adjusts.

When the procedure has been applied for the final time, the amplitude should be gradually reduced to zero at which time the wires can be disconnected from the needles and the needles withdrawn.

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