Cupping Treatment

Cupping is a treatment that involves applying a clear glass cup to the location to be treated, which can be an acupuncture point, meridian or area of local infection. Due to difficulties in keeping the cups in the proper position on a horse, cupping is mainly used on horizontal surfaces. It works by drawing up surrounding tissue and blood through suction or vacuum. This mobilises and activates the defense mechanism of the white blood cells and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, causing deep relaxation.

In terms of traditional Chinese medicine, cupping opens up meridians and allows energy to travel throughout the body.

In human medicine, cupping is practiced in Asia, Russia and in many central European countries. It is used as an adjunct therapy for many diseases, notably respiratory and back problems.

In horses, cupping can be applied to muscular spasms, back pain, respiratory and reproductive disorders.

For a detailed presentation of this technique, consult the Practical Acupuncture for Horses application.

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