About Us

Acupuncture4Horses are specialists in equine acupuncture techniques and horse care. We are dedicated to provide you with quality products based on proven acupuncture techniques and methods to treat and maintain the health of horses. The product and services we offer are the results of 20 years of study in Chinese teaching and practice, backed by research at Western and Chinese Universities and extensive equine clinical practice in Australia.

Our acupuncture textbooks, lecture notes, charts adhere to the techniques of traditional Chinese acupuncture but can be applied by equine practitioners in every day veterinary practice.

Dr Steve Bobis is eager to share his knowledge with you in an easy-to-use format that can be readily understood by Western students.

Read our Equine Acupuncture Basics covering:

  • What is acupuncture
  • How does acupuncture work?
  • Relationship between acupuncture points, organs and tissues
  • Horse acupuncture compared with human acupuncture
  • The human model of acupuncture
  • The equine model of acupuncture
  • Common misconceptions about horse acupuncture in the west
  • Acupuncture points and meridians concept
Dr Steve Bobis Eye Acupuncture